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In Charity Law, the council members carry full financial and legal responsibility for the Fynvola Foundation.

The council members are a body of volunteers who bring a wide range of knowledge, experience and expertise to the table.

Jenny Gurney, Chairman MBE

Jenny has worked with learning disabled people for almost 40 years. The cause has been very close to her heart since her eldest daughter, Susie, was born with Down's syndrome.

In 1989 she established Family Investment, setting up and developing five residential homes.

She was a director and trustee of the Family Investment group until she retired to dedicate herself to Fynvola. In 1997, Jenny was awarded an MBE for her work with people with learning disabilities.


Hugh Grant

I'm very proud that the Fynvola Foundation is named after my mother.

This is a brilliant charity and I'm right behind it.

Hugh Grant Fiona Sunley

Fynvola Govenance

Fiona Sunley

Fiona has a wealth of experience working with charities that provide palliative care.

Our patrons:

We are delighted and privileged to have Hugh Grant as our patron. Hugh's mother, Fynvola Grant took a special interest in people with learning disabilities.

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A variety of independent research studies and government white papers have highlighted the inadequacy of current provision to meet the needs of learning disabled people.

Varied mental health needs are a major feature of our beneficiary group. For example those with Down's syndrome can develop Alzheimer’s disease in their 40s or 50s, leading to a profound deterioration in their quality of life and often the need for constant nursing.

The learning disabled are 2.5 times more likely to have significant health risks and problems, including long term illness. Such problems can result in reduced mobility, increased dependency and a requirement for specialist care and treatment, particularly in the case of life limiting illnesses.

Learning disabled people need to be engaged as much as possible through a variety of activities appropriate to age and condition. A range of social and day activities will be available, with access to physiotherapy and occupational therapy on site.

Evidence of Need

Trevor Aldrich

Peter Cox

Martin Godden

Sue Maddison

Anthony Mogridge

Michael Moore, FCA Treasurer

Nicholas O’Shea, Dip PFS

Doreen Shaw

Mike Taylor

Jenny Gurney, Chairman MBE

Louise Kirsch-Mills

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Amica Oldfield

Richard Oldfield

Roger O’Shea

Fynvola Specialist Advisors list background title bar

Specialist Advisor

Robbie George RMA NVQ4, Retired Manager of residential home for Learning Disabled People in Kent

Laurence Whiting, Buildings Director:

Laurence qualified as a chartered mechanical engineer and went on to work in the brewing and soft drinks industry as a commissioning engineer, production manager, project manager and engineering director. He then went on to work as an industrial therapy manager in a psychiatric hospital for 3 years. Until his recent retirement, Laurence was responsible for establishing and overseeing facilities at the Family Investment centres and was until recently a trustee of one of the supporting charities.