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Lady Dane Farmhouse

Love Lane


Kent, ME13 8BJ

Fynvola Projects

Fynvola bi-folding doors

The New bi-folding doors have now been installed on the front of the activities room allowing beds and wheel chairs to be easily manoeuvred in and out of the activities room from the main house.

The newly fitted carpet also makes it easier to wheel chairs and beds from the outdoor hard surface to the newly carpeted surface.

First floor renovated rooms + wet-room

We had decided that the first floor bedrooms were not as efficient and functional as they could be so have re-modelled the bedrooms so they all include a wash basin and all rooms having access to the wet room.

This has proven to be a considerable improvement for both residents and staff.

Bi-Folding Doors for the Sensory Room

First Floor bedroom and bathroom renovation

Fynvola Welcomes Newly Hatched Chickens and Two Guinea pigs.

Russell Young activities instructor explained that the residents were very excited by the idea of hatching chickens and they helped fill in a project board with suggestions for naming the chickens.

Our Chickens are - Charlotte - Henrietta - Laid Marion - Gladys and Hope

The residents will gain a lot of pleasure from holding and stroking the chickens and guinea pigs.

Newly Hatched Chickens and Two Guinea pigs